Teachers all the time say, “Don’t do drugs, it’s a bad choice in life and can end it,” but what about the other choices to make in life. Like do your homework or not, teachers do push on kids to get their homework done but those are just regular choices that all adults assume that us kids are going through these days. But really that’s only the beginning.

“It all starts of how you start your day,” one of my teachers told her class, which she was right and it goes for all ages. If you wake up early in the morning you are able to eat a good breakfast, get everything together, and get to school and get your work on time. If you decided to sleep an extra few minutes in you will run late, wont get a good breakfast or little a lone a breakfast at all, along with being tired for the rest of the day. I tend to do the second choice more than I should, I am trying though to get better.

Another thing we think about all the time is whether or not to go over to a friends house. Maybe it’s just me but I babysit my siblings more than I wish I had to. It’s okay though because my morn gets food. But like any human being my mind starts to wonder to what would I have seen if I went out with my friends instead and was there for in the new inside jokes they make outside of school or even catch a moment they’ll remember for the rest of their lives together.

Or would I have gotten in trouble, because I know from experience, that we just want to go out there and be outgoing and do anything dangerous in the blink of a eye without thinking about it till we do it.

Then again if I did go my mother wouldn’t have been able to go get food for my family or gone to get a piece of homework for us that we forgot at school. All the little motherly things that teens and children we don’t really notice.

‘Think about it, every choice we make as kids… will effect us somehow, either a good or bad way. I want it to be all good ways, I’m just a kid though, I’m going to make mistakes, but I’ll know that I tried to do the best. How about you?

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