Many students look for opportunities for fun. They hang out with friends and participate in many enjoyable activities like snowmobiling and hunting. Students have to keep a cogent head about them. Even if some acts of entertainment look like fun, always ponder what the consequences might be in the future.

I know, personally, that so many students do something relatively daring and stupid just to be cool. I’ve seen and heard of kids undertaking everything from racing snowmobiles to taking drugs and steroids.

In teenagers’ lives today, nothing seems too dangerous. Everyone thinks they are indestructible. In the future, everything you have done as a teen will catch up with and surprise you. It could be soon. It could be later on down the road. Who knows, right? You do, and so do your parents.

Teachers, parents, and other adults have been telling you for years that drugs, alcohol, speed and sex are just too treacherous. They have already gone through all the drama, pressure of friends and trying to be cool. They have learned that what other people think does not matter.

You must listen to your parents. I know they seem to just destroy your fun, but they truly are looking out for you. With age comes great wisdom. Your parents love you. Don’t ever forget that.

Contemplate your actions and talk to your parents. Get another opinion. They can steer you in the right direction and get your life back on track.

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