During the week of March 23 Lewiston Middle School had its annual March Madness. What is March Madness? March Madness is the school’s spirit week. During that week the entire school acts out different themes. The entire week is planned by the LMS student council.

The first theme day was Blue and White day. On that day the staff and students all wore anything blue and white. Some students dyed their hair blue and others wore their jackets from sports teams. The entire school was like a sea of blue.

The second day of March Madness was known as Mix Match day. That day the kids went wild. There were tank tops over shirts. Leggings under shorts. Two different pairs of socks, and shoes. Some kids even wore their boxers over their pants. If you had walked into the schools that day, it would have been both colorful and strange to see the outfits the student body was wearing.

The next day was Twin day. This day, most twins were paternal, which not only meant that they looked different, but they also really weren’t related. That still didn’t stop kids from wearing outrageous outfits that matched. One duo had matching tuxedos. Another pair wore the same clothes and had colorful wigglets in their hair.

Wednesday was also the pride assembly when the entire school gathers in the auditorium to watch as students go on stage to perform various acts. The students definitely had some pride. There were many performances that morning. The LMS Chorus sang their song “Siyahamba” from the South African Trilogy. The LMS band performed the song “Born to be Wild”. There were also solo performances in singing and dancing, and some guitar playing.

The student performers had to audition and work hard to be able to perform in front of the whole school. This year the teachers wanted to change things up. When the students thought things were over the announcer announced a surprise act called Stickz. The act started with a student and teacher having a conversation about what they had planned to do that day in school. Heads were looking in every direction to try and locate the mysterious pair.Then all of a sudden the curtain opens up and there are the teachers from the 7th grade team 71. They had on glow in the dark multicolored sticks attached to them. The lights were dimmed and all the students could see were sticks floating around. The teachers were dancing to the popular Madagascar theme song “I like to move it, move it.” Lindsey Delorme, the science teacher, was doing a juggling routine on her juggling sticks. Stickz got a standing ovation from the crowd.

The surprises didn’t end there. Next came teachers from all different teams performing the song, “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi on the popular game Rock Band. They went all out with their hair, their clothes, their makeup, and even their attitudes. The band also got a standing ovation and a auditorium full of “Encore”.

Many students found the whole day very enjoyable. Allison Osgood said, “It was way an explosion of talent.”

The last and final day of March Madness was team color day. Each team was given a color and on that day everyone was supposed to wear their team color. During the last two periods of the day the team competition began. The team day competitions were a yearly tradition that went along with March Madness. Every team went to the gym to compete in different games and relays to see which team would come out on top. What’s the prize? Bragging rights.

The competition included games like floor hockey, pie eating, two different relays, knock out, and the ultimate test of the fittest, tug-o-war.

The final outcome of team day was, in third place came team 71. In second was team 82. And the ultimate winners were the members of team 81. Congratulations to them and all the teams for trying hard and for having fun during team day.

A special thanks goes out to the LMS student council, run by Mr. Michael and Mrs. Megan Praschak, for making March Madness and the Pride Assembly both fun and entertaining events. Keep up the good work.

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