It is a known fact a lot of people look forward to becoming a teenager. Once one becomes a teenager, you can have all the “cool” things in life, like being able to drive, or have a cell phone with texting, and all the other “cool” things you’ve looked forward to getting for a long time. I am 16, and some days I wish I could go back to kindergarten. Don’t get me wrong, being a teenager is fun. Having your license and being independent is something to look forward to achieving. But, if truth be told, the responsibility that comes along with being a teenager, like buying a car, paying for gas, insurance, and any repairs if anything goes wrong with your car, adds up. At 16 looking for a job is also hard. Having bills to pay can stress you out, but that’s something one needs to learn to deal with becoming an adult.

My mom always says “Don’t wish your life away because after high school life fly’s right by.” My advice to other teens, enjoy the bill- free life as long as you can, enjoy life as a teen, and don’t wish your life away. Getting older is something to look forward to by acquiring more cool things, but it also means more responsibilities.

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