Rolande Caron unveiled the hypocrisy of heterosexuals in her letter of April 26: “Divorce, adultery, incest, orphanages full of heterosexual offspring, spouses killing one another and hatred and bigotry against gays.” But those evils only blight marriage, they do not define it.
They have become more prevalent as Western society drifts into its decline. Maine will, most likely, sanction homosexual marriage. In doing so, the state will have added betrayal to Caron’s list of woes besetting marriage. 
Human history shows that marriage is reserved for men with women. Polygamy aside, a man marries a woman to constitute a marriage. Gay marriage not only extends the sanctions of marriage to hitherto ineligible people, it shatters the defining clause at the very core of marriage: one man, one woman.
This shattering of historical boundaries opens the conventions of state-sanctioned marriage to other equally ineligible people. What right will any state have to forbid other pairings and couplings from calling their alliances marriages and demanding society’s respect, endorsement and protection as well?
A sorry list of applicants waits in the wings for their turn at the marriage sweepstakes. As this flood of eager applicants presses for society’s long (and wisely!) withheld endorsement of their particular fetish, marriage itself will have ceased to have any defining social significance at all.
Gay activists give marriage not just a new and unlikely definition but the possibility of any and every definition.  They do so to the detriment of marriage’s historical meaning and central purpose.
Leonard Hoy, Greenwood

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