This is in response to Ursula Holmes (letter, May 2.)
I can understand her position about not portraying her native town, Mound Bayou, Miss., in a bad light. I’m a native of Lewiston, lived here all my life, and my late husband and I raised our five children here. Even though Lewiston does have some shortcomings, I am very protective of my city when outsiders say negative things about it without also mentioning positive things that are happening here every day.
On the other hand, as a 1955 graduate of St. Dom’s, I don’t think Holmes should have brushed off the students’ efforts to help needy peope in her native town. I wish the chance to do public service had been available during my time at St. Dom’s.
We should not discourage young people’s efforts. Instead they should be applauded for donating their vacation week to help those less fortunate.
I think St. Dom’s students should continue in offering their help to people in need. But, how about looking right here in Lewiston, or the rest of the state, to find people to help, and where they will be better appreciated. The money saved from transportation expenses could be better used to buy needed supplies.
Ruth R. Linehan, Lewiston

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