In the online version for May 5, contained within the Maine news section, ran the story “Gay marriage debate moves to the House.” It was a great story. Sadly though, a comment from a blogger, posted below the story, was disappointing.
Actually, it was rather horrifying. The blogger, cloaked behind an anonymous screen name, thought it might be funny to post the following in response to the possibility that “gay marriage” may in fact become law in Maine: “There is always Chuck-A-Homo bridge as an available option.”
That somebody would write that is bad enough. The cowardice displayed by the blogger is obvious. The ignorance and the hate are undeniable. The things people say and write when they’re veiled behind anonymity is appalling at times. It clearly shows how people can and will stoop to the lowest forms of human behavior.
So where is the Sun Journal filter? Someone needs to explain the benefit of that comment remaining on the Web site, the comment that advocated throwing men and women off a bridge to drown. All because of their sexual orientation? All because they want to get married?
Joseph V. Keelan, West Gardiner

Editor’s note: The comment mentioned was removed on
May 6. Readers are encouraged to alert the SunJournal to
offensive comments by clicking “Suggest removal” and
e-mailing [email protected]

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