By Charli Penn
Once you’ve selected your wedding gown and picked the right hairstyle, veil and accessories, there’s really just one style item left to choose–wedding day makeup! Here are a few easy wedding beauty tips based on brides’ most-often-asked questions from Emmy award-winning celebrity makeup artist Eve Pearl.
In between finalizing vendor contracts, going for a final dress fitting and figuring out last-minute decor details, Pearl recommends reserving some time for a formal makeup application lesson. If you’re going to do your own makeup for your wedding, it’s important to learn the correct way to apply each product so you can practice multiple times before the big day. We know you’re thinking, How hard can it be to put on a little eyeliner and mascara? But you might be surprised. Properly applied makeup will last longer and also complement your features better so you’ll be camera-ready.
Making an appointment is easy because many cosmetic lines offer consultations and makeovers at a minimal cost (or sometimes even for free!) at their department store locations or storefronts. Just make sure to call to book an appointment in advance. Afraid you’ll forget what you learned? Bring your maid of honor or bridesmaids along so you’ll have help on your wedding day should you draw a blank.
Pearl says there are two places where you really don’t want to scrimp: your foundation and your concealer. Both cosmetics are the base of your entire look and will be applied all over your skin. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Cheaper foundation tends to run more in the heat on a hot day or take hours to settle or dry, so to avoid such trouble on your wedding day, you’ll want to use a brand you trust. Prior to the wedding, make sure you do a trial wear to help you determine whether you can rely on the product you’ve selected. If you’re looking to save, Pearl recommends picking a drug store brand for your eyeliner pencil, mascara or even lip-gloss.
Considering a spa visit in honor of your wedding? You may want to book it a little earlier than you might’ve planned. Pearl recommends avoiding beauty treatments such as eyebrow waxing or facials during the week or two before your wedding date. Even if you’ve had a similar treatment done with no problems before, you can never be sure how your skin will react. And this isn’t the time to risk it. If you’re worried about a stray brow making an appearance at your wedding, try a light tweezing the day before. A steam bath the night before will also naturally soften your skin.
If you plan to apply a self-tanner, cautions Pearl, exfoliate before applying, and be careful not to let it dry in streaks. Once it dries, it’ll be almost impossible to fix. Plus, don’t forget to wash the areas between your fingers after the application–bright orange won’t flatter your new wedding ring.
Let’s face it: No matter how great your time management skills are or how well you’ve prepared, you’ll be pretty busy on the morning of your wedding. Pearl stresses the importance of scheduling enough time for hair and makeup preparation. Even the best-quality makeup won’t look great if the application job is rushed. And buy yourself more time by getting your manicure and pedicure done the day before the wedding.
During the weeks leading up to your wedding, avoid letting your stress levels rise to unhealthy levels. If you don’t, it could trigger hormone overloads that may lead to unwanted breakouts. If you feel a pimple or rash emerging, try using gentle acne treatments on the area. If the problem persists, call your dermatologist immediately. And, if you wake up to an unwanted blemish on your wedding day, Pearl has a trick you can try. Freeze eye drops on a teaspoon; then, when the liquid turns into ice, place it directly on the blemish. The cold will help shrink the swelling and the eye drops will take away any redness.
If you’re getting married in a warm weather location, be sure to wear sunscreen on the days leading up to the wedding. You don’t want to be sunburned at the altar!

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