I am utterly overwhelmed that my state government has finally dealt with the cosmic issue of gay marriage. Once again, elected officials ignore the will of the people whom they are supposed to represent. But how can we complain?  We keep sending them back to Augusta, so it’s our fault that they believe in their own superiority and that the democratic process begins and ends on the state campus.

What do our elected officials plan to say to gay couples, now married, who have to leave Maine to find jobs or otherwise can’t afford to live here in the glorious workers’ paradise?

I am hopeful legislators are not exhausted by their monumental efforts, because there remain several minor issues that will not go away, no matter how much they wish them gone, and wishing is all they have done for more than 30 years. For instance:

A regressive income tax which says someone is rich who makes $20,000 per year;
A sales tax that relies far too much on cars and real estate;
A business climate that chases old business away and keeps new business out;
Sky high insurance rates (all insurance, not just medical).

Elected officials caused those problems and they can fix them if, and it’s a really big if, they get rid of the delusion that they can do everything for everybody.

Unfortunately, that delusion has taken root in Washington, D.C. Augusta, long addicted to federal heroin, won’t break the habit without many more tea parties.

Michael LeBlanc, East Wilton

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