Marriage, not a civil union, seems to be the only way gays can get the benefits that married couples have. Why aren’t the laws already in place being enforced? Elected officials keep signing laws to please individual groups while taking away rights from others.

Will pastors who, because of their beliefs, refuse to marry gays be brought to court? Will the Bible be the next book banned? Is anyone protecting a person’s right to believe in God’s word? Is this a democratic society when the politicians make laws without asking what people want? 

Some think their way of life should be not only accepted, but flaunted, even if it’s offensive to others. It’s like going through the Holy Bible, ripping out the parts they don’t like, then spitting in the creator’s face, telling him they’re going to do what they want, when they want.

The definition of marriage is written in God’s word. He didn’t write it to be mean or discriminative. He wrote it so that mankind could flourish. Like it or not, there are things that are right and things that are wrong. It applies to more than gay marriages.

Watch the news and television programs with a thoughtful eye. Listen to the popular music. Inch by inch, moral values have degenerated. When will people stop and say “enough”?

God is patient, but I hope I’m not around when he finally decides people have gone too far.

Any great country that has fallen, has fallen from within first.

Barbara Landry, Auburn

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