My heart broke when I read the article about the dog that died as a result of being treated with Sergeant’s Flea and Tick Squeeze-on Medication.
My son’s dog, GoBo, a Bichon Frise, was a victim of the same stuff. Recently, they applied the proper dose of the squeeze-on flea repellent to their dog. Within minutes, the poor thing was writhing on the floor, crying, rubbing and scratching. He was immediately bathed (three times), but no relief. He was rushed to the emergency animal clinic for treatment. Personnel at the clinic told my son that similar reactions to that product are not uncommon. It was not an isolated incident with this particular medication.
Thankfully, my son’s dog recovered, but not before 24 hours of misery. Though sedated, he had to be held, soothed, rocked and comforted for a whole night and all the next day.
Sergeant’s is not some bargain-basement cheapo medication. It’s a familiar and trusted brand. Their representative, when contacted, said the medication was probably misused by the owner. I don’t believe it. My son is perfectly capable of following simple directions on the back of a box.
I would urge store owners to pull this stuff off the shelves immediately. I believe it’s dangerous. What happened to those dogs should never have happened.
Ginette Vaillancourt, Litchfield

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