The following students are members of the class of 2009 at St. Dom’s: Benjamin Adams, Aaron Allen, Pablo Barajas, Matthew Barlion, Matthew Barrett, Cole Benak, Charles Bergeron, Stephanie Bouchard, Melissa Bourgoin, Bridget Donovan,

Eliza Dox, Christopher Emery, Cormac Frost, Michael Girouard, Daniel Heutz, Nathaniel Howes, Catherine Hudson, Megan Hulbert, Jonathan Jamison, Joseph Klemanski,

Ann-Uriel Knausenberger, Keitaro Kobayashi, Gregory LaBonte, Erynne Landry, Samantha Laverdiere, Pressley Lawrence, Benjamin Lewis, Mary Lewis, Devon McElroy, Logan Michaud,

Jonathan Mulderig, Kelsey Murphy, Jacob Naum, Matthew Navojosky, Dustin Oberlander, Richard Paradis, Amanda Pare, Casey Parker, Richard Phillips, Kyle Pinkham, Benjamin Randall,

Colleen Rideout, Lori Robinson, Christine Royles, Eliza Scott, Cathryn Skaleski, Charles Slonina III, Bethany St. Hilaire, Denis St. Pierre Jr., Spencer Teixeira, Neal Timoney, John Trott III, Hannah Wiley.

Graduation ceremony:


Date: May 22

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Place: At the school

CLASS of 2009

1. Michael Girouard
2. Kelsey Murphy
3. Aaron Allen
4. Jacob Naum
5. Dustin Oberlander
6. Lori Robinson
7. Nathaniel Howes
8. Mary Lewis
9. Colleen Rideout
10. Denis St. Pierre, Jr.

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