Is this a secret? People demanding a literal interpretation of the Torah is what got Jesus killed.
Pilate wanted to let Jesus live, but the religious right had memorized every jot and tittle of what they believed to be laws given by God. Those laws required Jesus be killed. Religious leaders were scandalized by Jesus’ unorthodox behavior and teachings. Those by-the-book leaders were the ones who extorted his death. Maybe I can’t quote chapter and verse but the scribes and Pharisees could. What good came of that?
Jesus broke the law by speaking to women, and not just Jewish women. He spoke to a Samaritan woman at the well. Even she was shocked.
He broke the law by healing on the Sabbath.
Jesus broke the law when he did not stone the adulteress himself. Moreover, he cowed the whole mob into breaking the law by suggesting that anyone who was without sin should throw the first rock.  
I’m no rabbi, but there were three famous Maine rabbis at the Judiciary Committee hearing and they supported equal marriage rights. In Iran, religion dictates civil law. If we ever betray our Constitution and let religion dictate equal rights legislation, those are the rabbis we should elect to interpret God’s law.
But we don’t have to worry about sexual orientation, stoning adulteresses, or eating lobster. Jesus told us all the law was summed up in the admonishment to love God and one another.
Plain enough.
Tom Bulger, Avon

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