Dear Sun Spots: Does Sun Spots or any readers know of anyone who repairs reclining chairs who would make the repairs in my home in North Monmouth? My main problem is one of a broken spring. – No Name, No. Monmouth.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, consider contacting The Chair Doctor on Poplar Hill Road off Route 4 in Turner at 225-2293 to see if he is available to assist you.

Dear Sun Spots: My son was cajoled, courted and encouraged by a Marine Corps recruiter in his high school. When his father and I finally agreed to let him join the Delayed Entry Program and he went to his physical, everything fell through. All communication between the recruiter and our family ceased. It took weeks and weeks of nagging to find out that there were concerns about my son’s health. I did not get any information from anyone of authority, but some awkward uncertain hesitant answers and promises that did not materialize from the recruiter.

We have attempted to address concerns, but cannot when no one will be forthcoming. I have a healthy, honor roll, sober, active son who is being denied because of no known reason. Who can give me answers to my questions? – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots spoke with Gunnery Sgt. Ski at the Marine recruiting station in Augusta who will be happy to speak with you about the situation. He may be reached at the office at 622-0896.

Ski also noted that if the individual that is enlisting is older than 18 years of age, they sign a copy of the Privacy Act of 1974, which prohibits the Marines (or other federal agencies) from disclosing information about the individual, including health information, to anyone, even the individual’s parents. The information may be disclosed with the written consent of the individual.

Dear Sun Spots: Do any readers have an “old-fashioned” clothes line pole, either wooden or metal, that I could have? Call 784-9519. – Sharron, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: For the person inquiring about bow ties, we have many that clip-on and also bow ties that you tie. There are approximately 40 to 50 and all between $2 and $10. Thank you. – Dan Poulin, Orphan Annie’s, Auburn.

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