Eleven in the morning

when I’m finally wandering down the stairs from the floor,

which was currently serving as a bed.

The sun is just barely rising above the clouds,

and pajamas are still being worn around the house.

In Ohio the sun gets out of bed an hour later than in Maine.

Turkey and coffee creates an interesting scent,

I thought getting a big whiff of the combination.

However, the clink and clamor of pots and pans

banging around in the kitchen;

indicate that this isn’t an easy going morning.

No, no, no, no!

There is work to be done!

Soon, soon, soon!

For dinner is going to be served at one,

and what kind of Thanksgiving would it be

without a fat holiday turkey?

My Aunt Kim is rushing around and around the kitchen,

directing anyone she can find like a General directing soldiers.

I sit at the bar stool,

and admire the scene.

“Come here Lilly” a voice in the dinning room

calls, which I recognize as my Aunt Colleen’s.

Going to her I see a huge table,

big enough to fit fifty people.

“Look at this,

isn’t it great we have such a wealth of family members that there is a

need for all these chairs!

Aren’t we so lucky that we have this many people who love us?”

Tears welled up in her eyes,

coming down in huge splashes,

like a kid carrying a water glass.

“Our family is so lucky!

We may not live near each other,

but we are so close even though we are such a big family.

Some families have less land between them,

yet they aren’t one tenth inseparable as we are.

We are so blessed.”

That got me thinking,

my family is huge!

And even though we all have our differences,

and oh,

many differences we do have!

I know all these people love and care about me,

and I love them too.

Ranging from two,

to about seventy two years old,

I can count on and depend on all of those people.

So here’s to family!

All the fun,

adoring, silly,

meaningful, joy, loving,

ill spoken, soothing, encouraging

laughing, tear jerking, embarrassing,

yapping constantly, heart breaking and warming

moments that occur.

And you know what?

I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world!

Cause sitting at that Thanksgiving table,

staring at all the faces,

I took a moment to soak the surroundings in.

Faces are illuminated by the candle light.

Smiles were present on all of the faces,

the soundtrack to that moment was belly laughs

and plastic forks as they scraped across plastic plates.

Stomaches are sticking out,

and most of the holiday turkey had disappeared.

There was no place in the whole world that I would have rather been.

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