Where have all the pastors gone? While I know most of them are working diligently within their churches and denominations, they are losing their country, their society and the young generation because of their inability to work together and their overall silence on social issues.Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar…” but that was before 2,000 years of Christian history laboriously bore fruit in free societies based on the Christian principles ofindividual rights and religious freedom. This should be an ideal environment for pastors to speak out on the great general principles which God loves and upon which America is based.
An America without the cooperative and proactive work of its pastors is what is being seen today. Public schools are teaching young people about sex in a 100 percent secular manner and people have let them. Now the most sacred of acts and source of life itself and lineage has become a simple biological function.Nothing is more destructive to the human spirit and family love.
The government is placing itself in the place of God and as the source of all idealism.Evil is now called good and good is called evil.
The pastors must work together and be the first to die on the front line for a righteous society. Get out on the street and say something. Otherwise, God will give up on America and it will become like a Third-World country.
“If the salt has lost its saltiness …”
Jim Caron, Lisbon Falls

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