In an article in the May 17 Sun Journal about the health care debate, Rep. Charles Boustany of Louisiana said the following about President Barack Obama’s proposal: “It will limit treatment options and lead to rationed care.And to pay for government health care your taxes will be raised.”
Currently there are insurance companies, motivated to attract profit-seeking investors, who are limiting care, cherry-picking whom to cover, controlling which procedures a doctor can perform and which medications they can prescribe.
As a mental health care provider, I spent a great deal of time begging for more services for my clients, arguing about what those services should be and trying to convince an untrained insurance agent that my treatment plan was more effective than the one they were recommending.In the meantime, insurance premiums are unaffordable for more and more people.
I don’t want bureaucrats in control of my health care either, but that is what we already have.
Perhaps the profit motive shouldn’t be the only factor controlling something as fundamental as health care.
Penny Hood, Farmington

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