There is a serious problem with a television commercial now playing in our community. It aims to bring drug abuse awareness to parents. The author is the Office of National Drug Control Policy.The commercial is detrimental to child safety as it clearly tells kids they can get high from the prescription drugs inside medicine cabinets. What were they thinking when they made this?
There is no need to say where to get the drugs. Parents are not stupid. We know where the prescriptions are. Now, the idiots who made the commercial let everyone else know too. That, in my book, doesn’t help the issue, but rather poses a greater danger to address: Far more people now know where the drugs are, after their bright commercial idea.
In the commercial, a drug dealer tells parent he’s going out of business because his clients can just go to the medicine cabinet. I’m outraged at the foolishness of those who are supposed to be trying to help us. They are hurting our efforts to keep drugs used properly.
I hope this “effort” to stop drugs doesn’t cause more problems. All parents should contact the ONDCP to tell them to change this commercial, and say that we parents won’t tolerate this lack of common sense from those who are supposed to be helping.
Harold Griffin, Jay

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