Reading the papers since the right for homosexuals to marry was signed into law makes me wonder why the opposition factions are such poor losers.
Michael Heath and the religious opposition leaders seem to be saying: “If we give equal civil rights to homosexuals, everyone will want them.”
I want to thank each and everyone who has written in favor of the new law.On the other hand, I would like to ask the opposition leaders and letter writers to read their letters out loud into a tape recorder. Then listen as they play it back, at least 10 times. They should then ask themselves how they would feel if someone spoke to them in that tone.Would they think how hateful is this person, would their feelings be hurt, would they wonder just who this person’s God is?
Do they not realize that the choice to perform same sex marriage, or disallow it, is still their right?To assume that they know what God is thinking is totally preposterous.
Churches who do not agree with the laws of the land should forfeit their tax exempt status.
Barbara G. Underwood, Lisbon

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