100 years ago, 1909

Captain Malvey of Lewiston High announced yesterday that he should not allow the three men who didn’t show up at Wednesday’s game, McCollister, Wessenger and Kavanaugh, to play any more this season. It seems to be the general opinion of the supporters of the school that it will be a good deal better to play with a crippled team for the remainder of the season and possibly lose the championship rather than to give in to the whims of three players who are so childish that they won’t play if they can’t have all the paraphernalia that they think they should.

50 years ago, 1959

It was a warm, summerish night and eight youths, age seven to 11, were quite thirsty.Their parched throats, however, got the best of them, and they wound up being collared by the long arm, and longer legs, of the law.The eight raided a Coca-Cola truck parked on Bates Street near the city park. Police spotted them, gave chase and nabbed four boys. The other four will be brought in today, and all will appear in juvenile court.Part of the haul recovered by police included 5½ cartons, or 33 bottles, of Coke — king size, of course.

25 years ago, 1984

The people who run Androscoggin Home Health Services Inc. say they’re serving more patients than ever and expect that trend to continue. The agency is budgeted to serve 3,200 patients in 1984, “but I expect we’ll go beyond that,” said Don Miller, coordinator of program development at AHHS in Auburn.
In 1966, the agency’s first year, there were about 7,500 visits made. Last year, there were nearly 60,000 visits made. All help is given under the direction of the patient’s physician.

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