God is a spiritual being; therefore, God did not “write” the Bible. God also does not discriminate.
The Roman Catholic clergy has lost control of their heterosexual flock. Sacred marriage vows, taken to procreate, are infested with contraception (the pill and condoms), vasectomies for men, tubes tied in women, and many couples engaging in oral sex. If the Catholic Church took a stand on the issue by excommunicating all couples engaged in stopping creation, St. Joseph and St. Patrick churches would not be the only church properties up for sale.
It is easier for the clergy to go after the homosexual community than cleaning their own house. I hope people will think twice before signing the petitions that will undoubtedly be circulating around churches and communities. It is time to inform the clergy that a government-issued civil marriage license should, like God, not discriminate.
Equality, for all.
Rolande I. Caron, South Paris

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