My gripe: People who try to fill in spring pools on their property. They should find out if the pool is a vernal pool and, should it prove to be, not kill the diverse wildlife within. Vernal pools provide a home to obligate species such as fairy shrimp, wood frogs, fingernail clams and spotted salamanders. By obligate, that means these species can only breed and thrive in true vernal pools. Vernal pools are now protected by the state.
Obligate species protector
I hope the person who designed the exit 109 intersection gets what they deserve. A punch in the face. What a disaster.
Bryan from Farmington
My gripe is volunteering to coach baseball, and having parents who think their kid is the next coming of Ted Williams. Parents, please understand that we donate our time and energy to help your child become better ball players. If you are going to relive your past glory through your child, do us all a favor — volunteer to coach, or sit down, shut up, and let us do our job.
— ASLL Coach
The thing that irritates me most is people who drive up to a gas station and don’t drive up far enough for anyone else to get service! We have to sit and wait until they move, because the hose won’t reach us. Doesn’t it occur to them they could at least move forward while they are waiting for the attendant to come back out! I haven’t figured out yet whether they’re stupid or just plain ignorant.
— Anonymous
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