On May 14, the Sun Journal reported on the fate of a health insurance bill in the Maine House of Representatives.The article quoted certain legislators’ opinions about the bill.The bill was defeated 82 to 63.Subsequently, the Senate defeated the bill 19 to 16.
The individual votes of this area’s legislators were reported.Voting for the bill were all of the Republicans, and Reps. Tom Saviello (U) and Larry Sirois (D). Voting against the bill were all of the other Democrats.In the Senate, all of the Democratic senators voted against it.
This bill was important because, if passed, it could bring a lower cost for health insurance to the majority of Mainers.The reasons given by those against the bill were not substantive. Several common-sense Democrats joined the Republicans in the House vote, but most followed the old party line.I believe Anthem was delighted that its near monopoly will continue at its high rates while people in New Hampshire are laughing at Maine residents.
I believe that the hard-working citizens of Lewiston-Auburn were not truly represented by Democrats, who should be asked to justify turning down this excellent opportunity for less expensive health insurance. This was a good measure and Democratic opposition to it puts them in an unfavorable light. I do not believe that the citizens of L-A endorse the Democratic march toward socialism.
I hope voters remember that at the next election.
Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

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