When I read Barbara Underwood’s May 25 letter to the editor, I was astonished, not because of the writer’s feelings on gay marriage, but because she asserted that “churches who do not agree with the laws of the land should forfeit their tax-exempt status.”
I hope that the reason she said this was because she was temporarily caught up with the emotion of the debate over gay marriage, and not because she seriously thinks that the government should selectively go after religious institutions whose teachings contradict those in power.
I find it ironic that someone submitted a letter, published on Memorial Day, asserting that government should override the freedoms the nation’s veterans fought for.I would also ask her to read this statement 10 times (as she suggested others do with their statements) and try to figure out why the rest of us would be just a little put off.
I would also like to point out that the new marriage law is not in effect yet.
So I would like to ask the writer if those churches that were in favor of the legislation before it was passed should have their tax-exempt status removed. And if the opposition gets enough signatures to put a hold on this legislation until after voters have a chance to make the final decision this fall, will she ask that these churches not be allowed to share their opinions during the campaign?
That would be consistent with what she suggested.
Matt Mower, Greene

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