I have a 16-foot-by-32-foot in-ground pool and am thinking of filling it in. It is more than 30 years old and needs a new liner and maybe wall work done. The pool company said it could cost up to $18,000 to get it into shape. What would be the best way of filling it in?
I would suggest calling the municipality first to see if it has any rules governing taking pools out of service. Local officials may require a permit, at least, or may want to inspect the job at some point to make sure that what’s used can’t bury your next-door neighbor’s yard in a heavy rain.
Then call a contractor who specializes in this kind of thing. You might be able to use the concrete in the pool as filler after it is broken up – if the municipality allows – and the excavator punches holes in the concrete in the bottom of the pool so that rain and melting snow will drain properly.
You’ll probably need to get a couple of estimates on alternative methods of filling. One can only hope that filling it will cost less than fixing it, but you never know.

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