100 years ago, 1909

Bill Carrigan of Lewiston, catcher on the Boston Americans, is suffering from a serious case of blood poisoning and has been sent to Boston from Philadelphia by Manager Fred Lake. Carrigan’s injuries resulted from being spiked about two weeks ago. It will be several weeks before he will be able to return to the game. Carrigan was obliged to undergo an operation for appendicitis just before the close of last season.

50 years ago, 1959

Lewiston police Officer Kenneth F. Woods got a once-in-a-lifetime cribbage hand Saturday night. Playing during a lunch break with Officer Lucien Longtin, Woods drew the jack of spades and the five of hearts, diamonds and clubs. The turnup card on the deck was the five of spades. This “perfect” game cribbage hand was worth 29 points. Longtin lost.

25 years ago, 1984

A proposed merger between the Lewiston and Androscoggin County bureaus of civil emergency preparedness (BCEP) has surfaced for a second time and will be considered by the City Council next week. The purpose of the merger is to consolidate the city and county programs to provide ” more economical and efficient utilization of existing services, facilities, and professional personnel,” according to the merger agreement.
If the proposal is approved, Lewiston will be the second community to join emergency operations with the county BCEP. The county and Auburn merged in the mid-1970s. Lewiston and Androscoggin County considered merging CEP bureaus last year, but the proposal fell through when the Legislature cut the county BCEP budget.

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