The Maine Legislature has hopelessly failed in its attempt to redefine marriage.

The word of God has established marriage to be a holy and committed relationship between one man and one woman. That word of eternal truth cannot be altered or changed.

The legislators who supported same-sex marriage should be ashamed of themselves for sending the wrong message to young people. They obviously have no fear of almighty God, and only desire to please the people. But God keeps good records and they will be held accountable for their decisions.

God created the human race, and he invented marriage. He has a patent on it. The term same-sex marriage is a misnomer. It is impossible and ridiculous. It is like someone claiming they reinvented the wheel and then telling everyone it is usually round, but now it can also be square.

God loves homosexuals, but he hates all sin, including homosexuality. He has already sent Jesus to the cross to die for our sins, and then raised him from the dead.

The only hope for homosexuals is to receive Jesus as savior through faith and repent of their sin. If they choose to reject God’s plan of salvation, then the judge of the universe will not allow them entrance to heaven, and they will be forced to spend eternity in a horrible place called hell.

Am I the enemy because I am trying to get people into heaven?

Mike Aldrich, Lewiston

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