Recently, the Sun Journal ran an article detailing how Lewiston was going to spend its share of the stimulus pie. Twenty percent of it was going to road repair; 8 percent to education, and so forth.
With bated breath, I came to the part allocated for economic development — the part to be spent for building or, at least, promoting the new solar and windmill factories where long-term, sustainable jobs and real wealth would be created. And how much was it? The grand total was to be 0.3 percent. That will get it done — not.
What was missing from the article was how much more the firefighters were to be paid. With all the paper and imaginary money being furiously pushed back and forth across the desks in Augusta and Washington, D.C., trying to maintain the illusion of prosperity, there’s bound to be a huge increase in the number of fires when those desks erupt into flames from all that activity.
As someone who has spent his entire life in the private sector, creating real wealth from real products, all I have to say is, “Burn, baby, burn.”
Andy Bennett, Buckfield

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