There’s a level of resourcefulness inherent in filming a no-budget cable access show.

John Kenealy filmed the background for a segment called “Mexicali Redneck Tours” while on vacation in Cancun.

Corey Gagnier taped a paper towel full of ketchup to his head to fake a wound after an off-camera accident.

They’ve dug into their closets for sedate faux-talk-show-host clothes, as well as for wigs, sweatbands and costumes for faux-commercials, one of which shows Kenealy in a white half-shirt and tiny shorts twirling away while Gagnier barks at his belly:

“Look clearly as all the six-packs begin to form!”

That’s resourcefulness and immodesty.

Kenealy of Turner and Gagnier of Lewiston debuted “Our Opinion Matters” on Great Falls TV last month, a spoof of a call-in TV show – don’t be fooled by the radio headsets they have on – that’s interrupted by their own fake commercial breaks. The second episode airs Friday.

In the first, the guys, who film in a room over Kenealy’s garage, took calls on weird hobby collections. Bellybutton lint, fingernail clippings, cigarette butts. Gagnier plays the animated Brock Buchannan; Kenealy, straight man Dirk Van Damm.

They’re learning as they go, Kenealy said. In the debut, they didn’t time their reactions and the prerecorded callers quite right and several times talked over them. For the second episode, in which they take calls on pet peeves, that gets better, Kenealy said.

With no TelePrompter and no cameraman, the pair can also be seen reading off-camera at times, part of that learning curve.

Gagnier, 31, and Kenealy, 48, who work together at a private school, said “Our Opinion Matters” was born out of a team-building challenge last December. Staff filmed a short, unscripted Christmas movie under their direction.

“Everyone laughed; everyone had a good time,” Gagnier said. “The next day, John comes in, ‘Dude, I’ve got three words for you: Local Access Television.'”

His response: “Dude, I can’t say no.”

They approached Phil Larlee and Brian Soucy at Great Falls TV with that Christmas special and a few new scripts and got the go-ahead. New episodes air the first Friday of the month at 10 p.m. on Time Warner Channel 11 and Oxford Networks Channel 2, and repeat the following Fridays.

The short commercials, with a healthy dose of over-the-top camp, are all done without a script, Gagnier said. “We hit record and just go.”

In “Body by Bo,” he’s a zealous fitness instructor promoting moves like the rotating doughnut and popcorn bowl push-up. In “Mexicali Redneck Tours,” they’re both in costume narrating a getaway that includes a pirate ship excursion and lessons to catch, clean and cook your own iguana.

Soucy, assistant station manager at Great Falls TV, said he watched the first episode a few times and laughed both times, a good sign.

“You’d have to pay me some money to stand there in those tight shorts,” Soucy said, but it was funny.

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