How does one begin to thank an entire community? Everyone has been overwhelmingly supportive.
As Joshua Titus’ parents, we know first-hand the challenges and rewards that have come from raising him. There have also been many other people who have helped and supported us with Joshua along the way. His school aide has been with him since the third grade. We don’t know that we would have done without her.
We also thank the many administrators, teachers and support services at EL, along with his track and basketball coaches. Sports played a huge part in Joshua’s life.
Thanks to every parent who has a student at Edward Little; their children are wonderful. Not long ago, kids with special needs were never given a chance. They were teased, taunted and bullied. But Joshua has gone to school with the same fantastic group of students since kindergarten. They helped him grow, and have supported him through trying times as well as good times.
The events of Feb. 3 were a very special gift that showed true sprint and support. If students take that same spirit and positive attitude with them out into the world, they cannot help but be successful.
We cannot include everyone in this short space, but understand this heartfelt message of thanks goes out to everyone who helped Josh along his journey. The rewards have been many, but the most important rewards are the ones given to Josh, and the positive effect they had on his life.
Andrew and Carolyn Titus, Auburn

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