We are free to choose

Here are two different subjects, but I see a connection between them.
The first one concerns burning down the topless café. Some people agree with having a topless café, some people don’t. Whatever their opinions are, fine. A person has every right in the world to his own opinion. But, his rights stop where someone else’s  nose begins.If a person doesn’t like a topless café, don’t go there. But to burn the building down, no one has the right to do that.
Secondly: Gay marriage. If people feel their religion or other reasons don’t support gay marriage, or they believe a marriage is between one man and one woman, fine. Have marriage that way. If a church doesn’t want to marry gay people to each other, fine, it doesn’t have to. But this country was built on a framework, and one of the pieces of that framework was that church and state are separate — to allow people to worship as they choose. That also means that others are allowed to worship as they choose.
Again, an individual’s rights stop at another person’s nose.
Alice Flanders, Auburn

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