Proud of Maine stand

This is in response to the letter printed June 3 from Mike Aldrich.
Although the majority of U.S. citizens are, indeed, of Christian faith, we must also take into consideration people of other faiths and atheists. Not all people believe that a God is responsible for the creation of existence, nor the creation of the Bible. The so-called “word of God” does establish marriage to be a holy and committed relationship between a man and a woman, but that argument is meaningless to someone who doesn’t believe in God.
As someone who supports same-sex marriage, I’m eager to hear arguments against it, given they do not simply reference the Bible. By using fear of a hostile and vengeful supreme being, people are turning a blind eye to equal rights among those who have no control over which gender they are sexually attracted to.
Same-sex marriage is not impossible or ridiculous, and I’m proud to live in a state that supports those ideas.
Seth Hoyt, Portland

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