Dear Sun Spots: Help! My lawn is being chewed up overnight. Some type of critter is making holes and pulling up the grass. They are ruining my lawn; there is something they are digging for.

We also have moles underground which is bad enough. Could these be skunks coming around during the night? I cannot use any chemicals as I have a small dog, which could cause him harm.

Also, what day of the week did these dates fall on: Dec. 29, 1931; June 24, 1951; and April 12, 1956.

Thank you for your wonderful column. – No Name, Sabattus.

Sun Spots has learned that you could possibly have skunks digging up your lawn, while they are in search of grubs or other insects for food. We haven’t had many suggestions for getting rid of the skunks that don’t involve chemicals. One reader has suggested using a have-a-heart trap with bait. Once the skunk is caught, cover the trap and release it several miles from your home.

Another reader sent in the following recipe, although you may want to check with your veterinarian to see if castor oil will effect your dog: mix 1 tablespoon castor oil, 2 tablespoons liquid soap (Tide) in a blender until it’s like shaving cream. Then mix in 6 tablespoons water. Use 2 ounces to 2 gallons of water in a watering can. Sprinkle over lawn.

Another option you may consider is contacting Noonan’s Wildlife Services at 344-4149 or [email protected] They offer a fee-for-service solution.

In response to your second request, Dec. 29, 1931, was a Tuesday; June 24, 1951, a Sunday; and April 12, 1956, a Thursday.

Dear Sun Spots: The Sun Journal advertising department is trying to contact a person by the initials of KML. An ad was sent in with cash, but with no contact information. There is a problem with the ad, and we need to contact the customer who sent this in before we can run the ad. If you sent the ad in, please contact Crystal at 689-2972. Thank you. – Crystal, Sun Journal.

Dear Sun Spots: The Universalist Church of Greene appreciates your publishing our letter requesting items to be donated for our yard sale. We have had to move the date of the sale up to June 19 and 20. We are still accepting donations. Please call Pat or George at 946-5052 or Heidi at 225-5181 to arrange for pickup or drop-off. Thank you. – Universalist Church of Greene.

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