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• Cheers to the anonymous donor who gave Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School more than $1 million for scholarships. Among the scholarships given out tonight during the school’s graduation will be an additional $100,000 from this new donation. That’s good news in an era of escalating college tuition costs.
• Cheers and congratulations to Maine’s high school seniors who graduated last week and who will graduate this weekend.
Thousands of Maine teens are now set to go off into the world to pursue their dreams, floating on the well wishes of their teachers and the hopes of their friends and families. No matter what we each may have experienced during high school, the good and the bad, high school graduation is a milestone to be embraced and celebrated.
Believing her peers have “the power to do incredible things,” Lewiston Valedictorian Amanda Martin urged her peers to step into the future with confidence and purpose, because “the future won’t just happen all by itself.” That’s wise advice for us all, no matter how recent or how far removed we are from high school.
In Rumford, Mountain Valley High School senior Taylor Smith wisely urged her peers to hold fast to their morals and “stand your ground, even if you’re the only one standing.”
The knowledge that Maine’s young adults are prepared to take responsibility for their futures and uphold personal morals should encourage us all. We congratulate their efforts and accomplishments.
• Jeers to the Maine Senate for rejecting the proposal to combine Maine’s two-chamber Legislature with a unicameral system, which would have reduced Maine’s legislative body by 35 members.
Maine’s Legislature is too big for a state this size. Fewer members would result in fewer bills and better discussion on the bills at hand, resulting in better government.
The House had approved the measure, but, by taking a position that power is more important than people, the Senate proved it won’t sacrifice its membership for the good of Maine citizens. That’s not the Maine way.
• Cheers to the SAD 44 Board of Directors for instituting a requirement for high school students to perform 60 hours of community service. It is, as Superintendent David Murphy said, an opportunity for students to give back to their community.
We hope students and their parents don’t see this new requirement as an imposition. Community service is a valuable experience and offers worthy lessons in community life that cannot be taught in the classroom.
Not only will students be helping their neighbors, they will undoubtedly learn a little something about themselves and their capacity to give.
• Cheers to the Lewiston City Council for agreeing to a creative use of tax increment financing as a way to help ease the conflict between Central Maine Power Co. and private property owners. CMP is building a new expanded transmission line through the city and the council’s thoughtful and proactive approach should help both an important business and city residents near the new line reach an agreeable compromise.

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