Deserted by politicians

In the past, Maine had been a haven for any illegal alien looking to acquire a driver’s license. Under federal pressure, the Legislature corrected that in recent years.
This year, LD 1357 passed, removing the requirement for driver’s license applicants to prove they are in the U.S. legally.
In the Maine Senate, Sens. Margaret Craven and Deb Simpson voted for LD 1357. Sen. John Nutting  voted against enactment. They are all Democrats. It passed in the Senate, 18-17.
In the  House, Reps. Bolduc, Carey, Wagner, Lajoie, Sirois and Rotundo all voted for the bill. They are all Democrats. Voting against the act were Republican Reps. Beaulieu, Bickford, Crafts, Hamper and Knight. The House vote was 81-56.   
Gov. Baldacci exhibited wisdom and vetoed this dangerous bill. It returned to the Senate for a vote to override the veto. That vote failed 7-24. Sen. Craven was among the seven supporters.
It is difficult to understand why the Democrats persist in supporting measures that undermine the security of this country. I do not believe they truly represent the opinions of the good people of this area. Once elected, they follow the party line first and consider what is good for the state and nation second.
The Androscoggin County delegation Democrats have not distinguished themselves by their actions, which speak louder than their words.
Jim Walker, Auburn

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