What’s Your Gripe

What really irks me is to have people say o instead of 0. They are not the same thing. A phone number is not 777-7ooo.
Also we need to get rid of the word ain’t. Not appropriate speech.
— Language critic

These people who won’t go the speed limit! I followed someone from Norway to Mechanic Falls going 35 and 40 miles an hour on Route 26! It wasn’t possible to pass because of oncoming traffic. There was a line behind me. If they can’t drive the speed limit, pull off to the side and let us by! Or better yet, ride the bus or stay home! You slow pokes cause as many accidents as speeders do!
— Anonymous

My gripe is with businesses that allow their employees to wear flip-flops. They are not only very unprofessional and unsanitary, but they are a safety hazard to the wearer and imply disrespect for the customer. Is this the message you want to send?
— Ann, Lewiston

My gripe is while school budget money is hard to come by these days, how you can drive by Lewiston High School on an extremely rainy evening and see every single tennis court lit up. Is it not possible to conserve electricity and turn off the lights on rainy evenings?
— J.

My gripe is:
People who don’t know what a turning lane is for. A lot of times, a vehicle will be in the driving lane with its signal to turn left and blocking the lane or sometimes being half in the turning lane and half out. Some people need a refresher course for driving.
— Anon.

My gripe is people who believe they are being cut off yet they do not use their blinkers. They then flip you the bird and you can see they are swearing. Sorry people, I cannot read your mind; if you are turning, use your turn signals, that’s why vehicles have them. Be responsible for your actions and you have a reason to flip someone the bird.
— Gerry,  Lisbon

Is there something that really irks you? Something about your job, your family or the stuff you have to deal with every day? Share it. E-mail your peeves to bmail@sunjournal.com or mail them to Sun Journal, attn: b section, P.O. Box 4400, Lewiston, ME 04240, and we’ll print them here. Please keep your gripe to under 60 words.

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