Learn, then teach English
I write in support of the Lewiston school system, one of the best public school systems in the state. My parents, my husband and I, and our two children are Lewiston High School graduates, having received an excellent education provided by outstanding teachers.
My ancestors came to Lewiston from Canada and worked hard to provide for their families, setting an example for their children to emulate. English was not my parents’ first language, but they became bilingual and were able to participate in educating their six children.
The Lewiston school administrators certainly do not deserve to be yelled at by members of the immigrant population who, instead, should be thanking them for all of the special programs and assistance that continue to be provided to them and to their children. Those immigrant parents who have not yet embraced the English language should immediately begin the process of learning to speak, read and write English, so that they, too, can assist their children to achieve educational success in a school system that continues to go above and beyond to help them.
Kathleen Jacques, Lewiston

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