Company: Absolute Marketing & design
Location: Lewiston, Maine
Profile: Absolute Marketing & Design is an idea factory that will show you how to sell your products and image better, share your message with more people, and satisfy your marketing needs faster.

We are a Sales & Marketing Firm – we are not your typical advertising agency. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to give you a cohesive sales and marketing plan, top level design and support services, supported by promotional products that will build your brand and market-share.

We have been in your position before – dealing with corporate objectives, budgets, deadlines, growing sales, cutting expenses and showing return on investments – with small start-ups to large corporations. And we did it well.  Now we enjoy sharing our experiences, strategies and tactics with other companies and helping them achieve their goals.

How is your business surviving this economy?
Our focus is to help other businesses grow and secure sales, so we have seen an upturn in business. It seems that now, a lot of companies are taking a more serious look at how they have been doing business in the past, and what they should be focused on for long-term sustainability.
What are you doing now to ensure your company is even stronger in the future?
We are investing in ourselves and our commitment to our customers.
How can your business or organization help other businesses weather this economic storm?
We encourage our clients to be aggressive and smart. With so many companies closing down or cutting spending during this tough economic time, they are leaving their customers without a provider of goods or services, or lacking in customer service and support. If you are an aggressive company and have the means to prospect for new business, now is the ideal time. If you can demonstrate your sustainability and commitment to your customers, a company that is marketing themselves can pick up a lot of new business right now. You need to be smart though – you need a plan. You need to work with someone who can share the experiences of other companies with you, who can tell you what works and what doesn’t. That’s what we do.
Are you optimistic about the future? If so, why? If not, why not?
Yes. Things will eventually turn around and when they do, the companies that had a plan and a long-term vision will emerge even stronger. This is better for the overall economy. The question is – which companies are willing to invest in their own future?
Do you have any survival tips for colleagues in organizations big or small?
Yes. Don’t put your head in the sand. This is the ideal time to grow your business.

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