Type 2 diabetes and diabetes complications can sometimes be prevented through healthy lifestyle habits. Whether you have diabetes or not, here are 19 tips to healthy living.

Take a half hour walk.
Know the risk factors for type 2 diabetes.
Check out MyFoodAdvisor for a new recipe for dinner.
Sit still for 10 minutes and make yourself relax.
Attend Alert Day virtually on Facebook
Drink another glass of water a day.
Get a pedometer to see the number of steps you take a day.
Post an Alert Day flier in your office.
Ride a bike and raise money for a diabetes cure at the same time.
Schedule a dentist appointment.
Get a good night’s sleep.
Rate your plate. What do your portions look like?
Get up from your chair and stretch for 5 minutes.
Take the stairs.
Take a stand. Become a Diabetes Advocate
Sneak an extra serving of fruits or vegetables into one meal a day.
Encourage students to live healthy and build a sense of community.
Say goodbye to the salt shaker.
Encourage friends and family to take the Diabetes Risk Test.
– Courtesy of the American Diabetes Association. For more information, contact Dial Medical Direct at

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