FARMINGTON – Justice Joseph Jabar told jurors this morning that prosecutors expect to end their presentation of evidence early this afternoon and that the defense presentation will conclude on Monday.

Thomas Mitchell, 52, formerly of South Portland, is accused of killing 23-year-old Judith L. Flagg in her Fayette home on Jan. 6, 1983.

Mitchell was charged in 2006 after DNA test results implicated him.

The trial in Franklin County Superior Court started with jury selection on Monday.

Mitchell’s attorneys have challenged the chain of custody of the evidence and laboratory procedures they say could have mixed biological samples from Mitchell with that of Flagg.

Flagg was found stabbed to death by her husband after he came home to their Watson Heights Road home following a double shift at a paper mill.

The couple’s 13-month-old son Chad was found unharmed.

Testimony this morning covered forensic laboratory techniques from 1983 and later that were used to analyze blood, semen and hair samples.

Jurors might begin deliberating in the murder trial of Thomas H. Mitchell Jr. as early as Tuesday.

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