The only reason for using the term “gay marriage” is to give gay partners the same benefits as opposite sex marriage partners, such as filing joint tax returns, etc.  Wouldn’t the benefits be fair for any two people living together?

I have no objection for any couples getting those benefits. I am a Christian and, as such, do not judge others. The connotation of the word “marriage” for Christians is a God-ordained relationship between a man and a woman. This trademark “marriage” appears in Genesis 9:14 and more than 70 times thereafter in the Bible. It has been that way for thousands of years. It is the “trademark” between a man and a woman only. Why don’t governments recognize this and honor that trademark?

Why doesn’t the gay community be innovative and start one of their own? They could register it with the state and not have to wait for its establishment over thousands of years.

My suggestion for those who want to keep the trademark “marriage” as being between a man and a woman is to file a class action suit against gays and the state for stealing their trademark.

However, I’d prefer it if gays would keep it simple and choose a trademark of their own.

Arthur “Bob” Calawa, Hartford

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