We are writing to voice our pet peeve regarding being disturbed by wailing, whining or screaming children when we are trying to enjoy a peaceful meal, movie, church service, etc.

The inconsiderate parents of these spoiled brats must either not hear them anymore or must feel that the rest of us need to suffer their tantrums, too.

Children need boundaries and limits placed on their behavior to function properly in society as teenagers and adults. Whatever happened to controlling the child or removing the child from the restaurant or, God forbid, leaving a child with a babysitter? 

Those of us who have finished raising children, or who have chosen not to have any, do not deserve to be assaulted by the screams and high-pitched whines of youngsters whose parents think it’s cute to disturb a restaurant full of diners or a church service. Noise can be as assaulting as a fist under the right circumstances.

The management of some establishments probably fear losing some patrons if they intervene with the offending parents. Losing regular, repeat clientele who would enjoy a peaceful mealtime atmosphere apparently isn’t as much of an issue.

Robert and Claire Flint, Lewiston

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