It is sad that the largest bank in America (Bank of America) has forced the Celotex plant in Lisbon Falls, part of the largest producer of fiberboard in the world, to close and liquidate.

Bank of America received billions of dollars in government money so it would not fail. Yet, in no time at all, it sees fit to close the plant instead of working with officials. Fifty workers have lost their jobs at the plant.

The building has a lot of history in the town, dating back to 1889 when it was originally built as a lumber mill. It was converted to a paper mill in 1900 and finally a fiberboard plant in 1934 under U.S. Gypsum. What the fate of the mill is now is a good question.

But now there are 49 other people, beside myself, who are out of work. I worked in that plant for 15 years. The other 49 were coworkers and friends of mine. Some have 25-30 years and more working there — gone in an instant.

It’s a sad, sad situation for all.

Allen L’Heureux, Lewiston

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