Nathaniel McAllister
PORTLAND — Nathaniel McAllister died in Portland June 19.
The bravest man I know holds his head high even in the darkest sky.
He loves his family with all his heart; I’m so glad I get to be a part.
Some days the pain is strong, even unbearable, but he still fights, it is unbelievable.
His body is tired, but he refuses to sleep. He has memories to make that he wants to keep.
The food that he eats hurts his tummy, but he still eats even when food don’t taste that yummy.
He takes care of himself as well as he can, because he knows we can’t help him unless he can.
His life has been limited, they said it was time, but he refuses to give up, their books don’t apply.
I’ve told him about heaven, he said, “It sounds great” but he don’t want to go his life is so great.
To spite all his pain and the really rough road he still wants to live, it is hard to believe he is only six years old.
This poem was written for Nathaniel and it made him really proud, although it may make many cry, it lit up his eyes. For those who never got to know him, you’ve missed out on the most wonderful times and those who have had the chance you are very blessed. He loved his family, his friends, and his life. That is why he fought so hard. He treasured every moment and lived to the fullest. He amazed us all with his strength, his life and his heart. He will be deeply missed by all, especially his sister Tanya (2), his brother Matt (23) his Dada (Bart 39) his Mommy, Beverly (29) and his grandpa Linwood and his Nene Tammy and his Namy Roberta.

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