It takes little more than a bigoted crackpot such as James W. Von Brunn, alleges killer of black Holocaust Museum guard Stephen Tyler Johns, to remind us that white supremacy and anti-Semitism are alive and well in mainstream America.

Johns, a husband and father of one, was shot to death during an attack at the museum.

Von Brunn, a self-acknowledged neo-Nazi accused of the killing, has been quoted as hating what he describes as low IQ non-whites and is a stereotypical Nazi sympathizer who argues that the Holocaust never existed. All the documentation and evidence refuting his position, preserved at the museum, notwithstanding.

It has been pointed out and said by others that we are among the last generation who will be guided through the concentration camps by those who survived them, and it will be very easy to forget or distort the entire period once all who lived through it are gone.

Loren Feldman, Sabattus

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