LEWISTON – An Auburn man was arrested Thursday and charged in connection with a weekend robbery in which a 74-year-old was attacked in her Lincoln Terrace home.

Lee Major, 39, of Ninth Street, was charged with burglary and robbery after police said evidence linked him to the Sunday morning crime.

Major has an extensive criminal history in the Lewiston/Auburn area and and was jailed Thursday on $25,000 cash bail.

The victim told police that at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday, while sleeping, she was awoken by a loud bang inside her home. She said that while she was still in bed, she heard someone walk passed her bedroom and then upstairs.

The victim then attempted to call 911, but found that her phone didn’t have a dial tone. While standing in her bedroom, attempting to call for help, the bedroom door opened and an unidentified person entered the room, police said.

The suspect forced the woman’s head downward and then pushed her backwards, causing her to strike a bureau, police said. The woman suffered bruising to her right hip as a result of the assault.

When Lewiston Police Officers arrived, they discovered that the telephone wire to the residence had been cut, and that the suspect had kicked in the front door to gain entry. Police also discovered that the victim’s purse, which had been hanging on the bedroom door handle, was stolen. The purse contained credit cards and approximately $30 in cash.

Police Detective Roland Godbout investigated the robbery and arrested Major after interviewing him at the police station. The case remained under investigation.

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