About two months ago, a friend from Massachusetts asked me if I had noticed any jets emitting large plumes of exhaust. That same day (a very clear blue day) I watched this phenomenon go on for several hours overhead. I live on top of a hill and have a broad spectrum view.

I have observed the phenomenon on maybe eight occasions since the first time. It seems to occur on mostly clear days. I once counted 14 jets in the sky at the same time, each leaving a trail of exhaust which did not disappear, but spread out and formed a milky haze in the once-blue sky.

I remember a picture-perfect summer day with a deep blue sky with very white cumulus clouds and not a single jet. The following day started off with a few cirrus clouds and blue sky. Then the jets appeared, one after the  other, with exhaust billowing from each until it was hard to see any blue at all in the sky. A hazy halo formed around the sun which had some color to it.

I had never seen that before.

Valerie Murphy Greene, Turner

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