I am writing in response to the June 19 letter, “Suffering their tantrums,” from the Flints.

I am a mother of two children, 4 months and 3 years of age. My husband works hard and we get limited time as a family. We are not from around this area, so trusting someone with our children is a challenge for us. Also, in this economy, it’s difficult to afford that luxury.

I bring my children everywhere, shopping, out to dinner, church — wherever we go. That is part of our family time. They are good boys but all children have tantrums. That does not make them brats and does not make us inconsiderate.

I wonder if the Flints have children. I am sure if they had, they would have been in a situation where the children had tantrums. I’m sorry we cannot all be perfect parents. I would rather enjoy my time with my family. If the Flints prefer not to ever deal with children, maybe it’s time they go to places that don’t allow children.

Just a suggestion.

Christine Zielinski, Lewiston

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