Steaming sense
Today’s savings: $22.67
Has mud and crud from the recent rains been trekked into your house and stained your carpets? It’s time to clean those carpets on the cheap by sharing a carpet steam cleaner.
Steam cleaners are available for rent for about $24 for 24 hours, but it doesn’t take 24 hours to clean the carpet. In that amount of time, you and perhaps two of your neighbors or friends could clean plenty of carpets, especially if one of you works a day shift and can use the machine overnight.
In addition to the cost of the rental, you’ll spend about $10 for soap, so the total cost is $34. Divided by three users, the cost is $11.33, or a $22.67 savings for each person who didn’t have to pay the full cost of rental and supplies.
— Tightwad Gazette
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