The ’80s were known for Duran Duran and Rubik’s cubes. The ’90s had the dot-com boom and Friends. So what will the ’00s be remembered for – and what the heck should we even call them? We hit the Apple Store and Starbucks in Fort Worth, Texas to ask ordinary folks.
What will this decade be remembered for?
“The global positioning system.” – Gerardo Hernandes
“Sadly, I think it will be remembered for this economy, for the recession. But, Obama being elected president – that’s another thing.” – England Samuels
“George W. Bush. He changed a lot of things.” – Shawn Putnel
The ’80s are called the Eighties, the ’90s are called the Nineties. What should this decade be called?
“I don’t know! Somebody’s asked me that before, actually, and I’ve just said, like, the 2000s?” – Blake Pierce
“I would call it, I guess, the technology years, or the technological years.” – Caroline Walker
“Troubled.” – Kecia Schram

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